Manual of Rootstocks

MarkDwarf M9 class rootstock

Used for: Apple
Developed by: Michigan State University
Introduced: 1980
Parentage: M9

Mark is similar to M.9-T337 in vigor, slightly larger on heavy soils and drastically smaller on light soils. It is very drought sensitive.

Mark rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilityApple
  • Vigour % of standard30%
  • Rootstock size classDwarf
  • PrecocityPrecocious
  • Support requiredPermanent support
  • Cold-hardinessCold-hardy
  • DeveloperMichigan State University
  • Woolly aphidSome susceptibility
  • Burr knotsSome
  • Collar rotSome resistance
  • Crown GallSome susceptibility
  • Crown rotSome resistance
  • Root suckersFew

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