Manual of Rootstocks

MM111Vigorous apple rootstock

Used for: Apple
Developed by: East Malling Research Station and the John Innes Horticultural Institute
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Introduced: 1952
Parentage: Northern Spy x M793 (M2 x Northern Spy)

In Greece, MM.111 has an advantage over ‘MM.106’ in its resistance to Phytophthora. In South Africa, it is noted for its upright growth and is more drought resistant.

MM111 rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilityApple
  • Vigour % of standard80% - 90%
  • Rootstock size classSemi-vigorous, Vigorous
  • PrecocitySlow to start bearing
  • Support requiredFree-standing
  • Cold-hardinessCold-hardy
  • DeveloperJohn Innes Horticultural Institute, East Malling Research Station
  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Period of origin1900 - 1949
  • Woolly aphidSome resistance
  • Fire blightSome susceptibility
  • Burr knotsLots
  • Collar rotSome susceptibility
  • Crown rotSome resistance
  • Replant complexSome tolerance
  • Root suckersFew

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