Manual of Rootstocks

Bud 118Vigorous apple rootstock

Used for: Apple
Developed by: Michurinsk State Agrarian University
Country of origin: Russia

B.118 is hardy to -28 degrees F, tolerates cold and wet soils and is moderately productive.

Bud 118 rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilityApple
  • Vigour % of standard75% - 95%
  • Rootstock size classSemi-vigorous, Vigorous
  • PrecocityPrecocious
  • Support requiredFree-standing
  • Cold hardiness (USDA)(5) -20F / -29C
  • Country of originRussia
  • Fire blightSome susceptibility
  • Powdery mildewSome susceptibility
  • ScabVery resistant
  • Collar rotSome susceptibility
  • Crown GallSome susceptibility
  • Crown rotSome resistance
  • Replant complexVery tolerant
  • Root suckersNone

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