Manual of Rootstocks

MM109Vigorous apple rootstock

Used for: Apple
Developed by: East Malling Research Center and John Innes Institute
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Parentage: M2 x Northern Spy

Despite MM.109's tendency to lean, it has been found to tolerate low to medium soil fertility in warmer places such as South Africa.

MM109 rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilityApple
  • Vigour % of standard70% - 105%
  • Rootstock size classVigorous
  • PrecocityPrecocious
  • Support requiredTemporary support, Permanent support
  • Cold-hardinessCold-hardy
  • DeveloperJohn Innes Horticultural Institute, East Malling Research Station
  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Woolly aphidSome resistance
  • Collar rotSome susceptibility
  • Replant complexSome tolerance

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