Manual of Rootstocks

CAB-11ESemi-vigorous cherry rootstock

Used for: Sweet cherry, Sour cherry
Developed by: University of Bologna
Country of origin: Italy
Parentage: Prunus cerasus

In a Hungarian high-density planting trial in a hot, dry, low precipitation climate, ‘CAB-11E’ was very productive, had moderate vigor and size, had good yield efficiency, good fruit size and a tendency to a more spreading canopy.

CAB-11E rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilitySweet cherry, Sour cherry
  • Vigour % of standard70%
  • Rootstock size classSemi-vigorous
  • Support requiredFree-standing
  • DeveloperUniversity of Bologna
  • Country of originItaly
  • Root knot nematodeSome resistance
  • Root suckersMany

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