Manual of Rootstocks

Damil®Semi-vigorous cherry rootstock

Used for: Sweet cherry, Sour cherry
Developed by: Biotechnology Department of the Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux
Country of origin: Belgium
Parentage: Prunus × dawyckensis

‘Damil®’ was developed for higher density orchards. ‘Damil®’ has been successfully grafted with more than 160 varieties.

Damil rootstock characteristics

  • Species compatibilitySweet cherry, Sour cherry
  • Vigour % of standard70% - 75%
  • Rootstock size classSemi-vigorous
  • PrecocitySlow to start bearing
  • Support requiredFree-standing
  • Cold-hardinessCold-hardy
  • DeveloperAgricultural Research Centre of Gembloux
  • Country of originBelgium
  • PhytophthoraSome resistance
  • Crown GallSome susceptibility
  • Root suckersNone

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